WP2: Engineering requirements & applications

The Workpackage 2 is coordinated by H.Crowley (UPAV). WP 2 has the following objectives: 

  1. Provide the necessary engineering application context for the development of the homogeneous hazard zonations and products that are the main aim of the SHARE, so as to help focusing development efforts and also warrant practical applicability and value to the results attained.
  2. Ensure the compatibility of the SHARE hazard output specifications with the Eurocode 8 application requirements and to help the harmonization of the Nationally Determined Parameters for the definition of the National Annexes to EN 1998-1.
  3. Conduct trial risk assessment applications, at large geographical scales, considering the developed hazard maps, in order to understand what the implication of the introduction of such new hazard definitions may be for the engineering community and also society as a whole (human and economic losses will both be estimated).
  4. Create the technical and knowledge base for the participation of the Euro-Mediterranean region in the Global Earthquake Model program initiated by the OECD.

 The Workpackage is structured in seven tasks: