WP6: Computational Infrastructure

Workpackage 6 is coordinated by J. Woessner (ETHZ). WP6 has the following objectives: 

  1. Plan, construct and validate the core computing infrastructure (both hardware and software) to enable uniform, quality-controlled assessment of seismic hazard across Europe and the distribution of those assessments to a variety of end-users, including the general public, policymakers, scientists and practicing engineers.

  2. Install a flexible web service-oriented architecture to connect databasses of seismic hazard information with a robst computational engine or seismic hazard assessment, and set a web-based system to control the computational engine and to provide results from the seismic hazard calculations.

  3. Link the SHARE portal for hazard data, tools and products to the portal developed for the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Survey within the EC-FP6 NERIES project.

 Workpackage 6 is structured in four tasks: