Work Packages

To achieve the goals of SHARE, a strong interaction between the various work packages is obligatory. Research and technological development activities are concentrated in WP2-WP6. General management tasks are dedicated to the management work package WP1. WP7 focuses on the dessimination of the results to the seismological and engineering community, to governmental agencies and public bodies, and with high priority to the general public. The project relies on strong interaction and feedback processes between the work packages throughout the program.

The image below demonstrates the project workflow:

WP2 defines engineering requirements that inform the work on defining seismic source zones and earthquake probabilities (WP3)  as well as the ground motion models including localized site effects (WP4).  This information is essential for a probabilisitic seismic hazard assessment (WP5) inteded to readily feed into engineering applications. These models and parameters are held withing a series of databases developed  in WP6 with strong ties to the WP5 scientists. IT-specialists in WP6 develop the computational engine, the hazard calculator and infrastructure, and the SHARE portal for disseminating project results (blue box).  WP5 performs the probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA) itself using the open-source system and subjects it to quality assurance, evaluation and testing, including community feedback. The results of the PSHA update the databases in WP6 and are used to scenario modeling for engineering application aspect (WP2). The scenarios, the PSHA, the underlying databasess, and all derived products are disseminated via the SHARE Portal through efforts of WP7.