WP7: Dissemination

Workpackage 7 is coordinated by R. Pinho (UPAV). WP7 has the following objectives:

  1. Disseminate information about SHARE, its objectives, the approaches and results to the general scientific community.
  2. Ensure European-wide visibility and dissemination of the project outcomes to policymakes and regulating / standardisation bodies.
  3. Establish two-way communication channels with the aforementioned stakeholders and organise needed liason activities.
  4. Create synergieswith other relevant EC-funded projects such as LESSLOSS, NERIES and SAFER.
  5. Promote and carry out general public awareness initiatives.
  6. Publish a new map of seismic hazard of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Workpackage 7 is structured in six tasks:

  • Task 7.1: Collaboration in dissemination e-platform development (R. Pinho, UPAV)
  • Task 7.2: Scientific external dissemination (R. Pinho, UPAV)
  • Task 7.3: Outreach to policymakers and stakeholder (J. Wössner, SED-ETHZ)
  • Task 7.4: Synergies with other related projects and initiatives (R. Pinho, UPAV)
  • Task 7.5: Promoting public awareness (N.Keller, UPAV)