Deliverables are subject to specific dissemination levels. Below you can download those that are assigned to be publicly available. In case you are interested to obtain more information on other deliverables, please send an email to the project office.

WP1: Management
-   D1.1 Description of work (DOW Version 02.04.2012)
-   D1.2 Consortium Agreement

WP2: Engineering requirements and applications
-   D2.1 Hazard output specifications requirements document jointly approved with EC8 Committee
-   D2.2 Report on seismic hazard definitions needed for structural design applications
-   D2.3 Calibration of Seismic Design Codes using Loss Estimation 
D2.4 Results from study on minimum hazard levels for explicit structural seismic analysis and design
- D2.5 - Seismic loss scenarios for sample European cities and regions
- D2.6 Suggestions for Updates to the Europen Seismic Design Regulations
- D2.7 Preliminary Reference Euro-Mediterranean Seismic Hazard Zonation

WP3: Earthquake sources
-   D3.1 Compilation of existing regional and national seismic source zones
-   D3.2 Updated European earthquake catalogue
-   D3.3 Homogeneous determination of maximum magnitude
-   D3.4 Database of active faults and seismogenic sources
-   D3.5 Reference strain rate models for the Euro-Mediterranean region (access restricted)
-   D3.6 Logic-tree of seismic sources
-   D3.7 Logic tree of earthquake activity rates

WP4: Strong ground-motion model

-   D4.1 Updated strong ground-motion database
-   D4.2 Regionally adjusted Ground Motion Prediction Equations (GMPE) for Europe
-   D4.3 New site classification scheme and associated site amplification factors
-   D4.4 European Vs30 map derived from surface topography slope and site calibrations
-   D4.5 Vector predictions 
-   D4.6 Non-linear site amplification factors for the next generation of European GMPEs

WP5: Seismic hazard assessment
-    D5.1 Input specifications for seismic hazard computation
-    D5.2 Structure of the logic tree to be used in seismic hazard computation
-    D5.4 First-round regional seismic hazard assessment including de-aggregation and validation
-    D5.5 Final seismic hazard assessment including de-aggregation
-    D5.6 Quality assurance procedures in PSHA

WP6: Computational infrastructure
-    D6.1 OpenSHA design specification document
-    D6.2 Portal design specification 
-    D6.3 Web service-oriented architecture providing access to all databases
-    D6.4 Initial OpenSHA engine
-    D6.5 Portal design specification document
-    D6.6 Databases of seismogenic zones, Mmax and earthquake activity rates 
-    D6.7 Operational SHARE Portal
-    D6.8 Validated Hazard Calculation Engine

WP7: Dissemination
-   D7.1a Dissemination e-newsletter
-    D7.2 Brochure on SHARE
-    D7.3 Euro-Mediterranean seismic hazard map