The primary aim of SAFER, an EC-FP6 cooperation project, is to develop tools that can be used by disaster management authorities for effective earthquake early warning in Europe and, in particular, the densely populated cities. The tools are expected to be user-friendly, have the maximum possible portability, and to be in accordance with state-of-the-art research.

In particular, SAFER will be concerned with the following:

  1. The development of improved algorithms for the rapid determination of earthquake source parameters (real-time event detection and location, real-time fault mapping, as well as new approaches for fast magnitude/moment determination based on strong motion data and modern seismic array technology).
  2. Further elaboration of new concepts, including the virtual seismologist, for providing, in an evolutionary process, real-time alert maps and predicted shake maps within seconds and minutes, as well as measured shake maps within a few minutes.
  3. Development of fast algorithms for damage scenario simulations and the improvement of existing methods for real-time simulation and prediction of earthquake-triggered secondary events (e.g. landslides) and the related human and infrastructure losses.
  4. Deployment of real-time structural control mechanisms for immediate protection of endangered infrastructure.
  5. Improvement of the reliability of assessments of aftershock hazard in real-time.
  6. Applications to selected test cities (Istanbul, Bucharest, Athens, Napoli and Cairo)