European Seismic Hazard Map 2013 Release

European Seismic Hazard Map 2013

The EU-FP7 project SHARE has delivered a first complete harmonized seismic hazard model, characterizing the hazard and its uncertainty. This model now serves as reference model for Europe and Turkey. It provides input for risk assessment and earthquake resistant design for applications ranging from engineering single and multi-story homes to critical infrastructures. Through the coordination at the European Union level, these results help to harmonize the next generation of national seismic hazard assessments and the implementation of the European seismic building code (EC8). SHARE results do, however, not replace the currently existing national design regulations and seismic provisions which should be obeyed for today's design and construction of buildings.

Poster Availability

As icon of the project, we have created a poster (A0 format) with the major achievements and a representative harmonized seismic hazard map (see Figure below).

The poster highlights

1. the European Seismic Hazard Map with the colors indicating the Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) expected to be reached or exceeded with a 10% probability in 50 years, or to return on average every 475 years;

2. the Earthquake History of Europe from 1000-2007 A.D.;

3. Active Faults and Subduction zones in the Euro-Mediterranean region superimposed on the estimated plate deformation.

Posters are now available and can be orderd from the project website. Costs cover our shipping expenses. Additional digital copies are also available for download.


Online Data Access
The SHARE products, input data and results, are available and will remain accessible from the web portal of the European Facility for Earthquake Hazard and Risk (EFEHR) at

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