Task 3.1: European earthquake database (INGV, AUTH, NERC-BGS, GFZ, IST, KOERI, NIEP, NKUA, NORSAR/IGC, ROB, MSO, CRAAG)

SHEEC   (SHARE European Earthquake Catalogue, Version 2.0) was released in August 2011 for internal SHARE use. The map below shows events of MW ≥ 4.0 for the entire region in the period 1000-2007 on top of the shallow area source model (red).

Area Source model and seismicity of the Share Euro-Mediterranean Earthquake Catalogue (SHEEC version 2.0).

The SHEEC consists of two parts. The two parts can be accessed at http://www.emidius.eu/SHEEC:

1) SHEEC 1000-1899, compiled using the methodology developed in the frame of the project NERIES, module NA4. These procedures are described in detail at the SHEEC website (partner area.2). The final list contains 4482 events. Only earthquakes with initial M presumably larger than 3.5 were considered, but the choice of such a low threshold is applicable only in selected areas of Northern Europe. This part of the catalogue was compiled by INGV-Milan; 

2) SHEEC 1900-on
, compiled using the methodology developed by GFZ for the compilation of the “Central,Northern and North Western European Catalogue” (CENEC; Grünthal et al. 2009). This part of the catalogue was entirely compiled by GFZ. The catalogue now covers the area ranging from Ireland to Western Turkey, 30° East. It is noted that the seismicity of Iceland, the Azores and North Africa is explicitly not included.

Historical earthquake data and information can be accessed at The Archive of Historical EArthquake Data (AHEAD, T <1900). The archive contains and makes available the results of historical earthquake investigation, formalised in terms of studies (papers, reports, macroseismic data points, etc). Please use the link to the AHEAD website at http://emidius.eu/AHEAD/.