Second Euro-Mediterranean workshop on accelerometric data exchange and archiving November 10-12 2009 [METU - Ankara]: The workshop aimed to enhance interaction between the strong-motion networks around Euro-Mediterranean region as well as amongst researchers who make use of accelerometric data in diverse research topics of earthquake engineering and seismology. This year, as part of the above major objective, the workshop focused on the differences between regional and global ground-motion predictive models. Another novel activity of this year's meeting was to launch a strong ground between the regional data providers and worldwide known data centers such as COSMOS and K-Net. Accordingly, the representatives from these establishments were also invited to the workshop.

Joint NERIES / SHARE workshop: "The Making of European-Mediterranean Earthquake catalogue" in Thessaloniki, October 12 - 14, 2009. More information: Dr. Christos A. Papioannou (chpapai[at] or Dr. Max Stucchi (stucchi[at]