Seismic Hazard Harmonization in Europe

Project Scope
SHARE is a Collaborative Project in the Cooperation programme of the Seventh Framework Program of the European Commission. SHARE's main objective is to provide a community-based seismic hazard model for the Euro-Mediterranean region with update mechanisms. The project aims to establish new standards in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment (PSHA) practice by a close cooperation of leading European geologists, seismologists and engineers.
Project Status
SHARE successfully delivered a European wide probabilistic seismic hazard assessment across multiple disciplines spanning from geology to seismology and earthquake engineering. The project built a framework for integration across national borders, compiled relevant earthquake and fault data, and developed a sustainable, high-impact authoritative community-based hazard model assembled by seeking extensive expert elicitation and participation through multiple community feedback procedures.

Project Achievements
SHARE produced more than sixty time-independent European Seismic Hazard Maps (ESHMs) spanning spectral ordinates from PGA to 10 seconds and exceedance probabilities ranging from 10-1 to 10-4 yearly probability. The hazard values are referenced to a rock velocity of vs30=800m/s. SHARE models earthquakes as finite ruptures and includes all events with magnitudes MW≥4.5 in the computation of hazard values. SHARE introduces an innovative weighting scheme that reflects the importance of the input data sets considering their time horizon, thus emphasizing the geologic knowledge for products with longer time horizons and seismological data for shorter ones. 

The slideshow highlights some key results including a selection of the new European Seismic Hazard Maps:

  • SHARE consortium members
  • Seismotectonic map of the Euro-Mediterranean area (WP 3)
  • Area Source Model geometry colored by tectonic regimes.
  • SHARE European Earthquake Catalog: All events of MW≥3.5.
  • SHARE European Earthquake Catalog: All events of MW≥6.0.
  • Fault Source and Background Model. Faults colored by  slip rate.
  • Euro-Mediterranean strain rate map with superposed faults colored by slip rate.
  • European Seismic Hazard Map: PGA, 475y return period
  • European Seismic Hazard Map: PGA, 975y return period
  • European Seismic Hazard Map: 4975y return period
  • Annual moment release of  M0(N(Mw≥5)) of the SEIFA model. Scale is logarithmic.
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